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you have no power over me!

and other ways my life is ruled my popular culture....

27 July 1983
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Hey people, I have NO idea what I'm doing. I've only just got my head around myspace and now i realise that LJ is the place for all the juicy Harry Potter slash. Which is why I'm here basicaly. I love to read it, most pairing really but my OTP (I'm leaning the lingo!) is Remus/Sirius. But I also love Draco/Ron, Harry/Draco, Fred/George and a bit of Deamus! :) Anyway, I'm very sorry if my LJ dosn't look all pretty and might seem a bit messy but bare with me. I'm just getting used to this. I'll be a dabhand soon I'm sure.

Oh, my name's Justin by the way. I'm 24 and I'm from manchester. I'm unemployed again, was working for Virgin Media on the phones but it was just the worst job ever. Decided I would rather live in poverty for a while than work there. SO, the job hunt is on again.


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